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Frankincense Essential Oil


What is Frankincense Essential Oil?

Frankincense, also known as Olibanum, is extracted from Boswellia serrata, the sub-family of Burseraceae, an aromatized resin that helps make perfumes, oils, room sprays, soap and Incense. Frankincense is derived from the French word “Franc ences”, meaning higher quality incense. Franc means Noble, and Ences means Incense. Frankincense is one of the world's largest assets.

Frankincense trees start to produce resin at 7 to 10 years old. The extracted resin is categorized according to its quality. Opaque resins are high in quality. The final tapped resins are rich in terpene, sesquiterpene and diterpene. Boswellia serrata is an Indian plant that produces Indian Frankincense


Extractions of Frankincense Essential Oil

The Frankincense resin is extracted by tapping the trees two to three times per year to get milk-colored gum that looks like resin and gets harder in russet color resin known as Frankincense, which extracts oil by the steam distillation process after sap harvesting. This Frankincense oil is mostly used in aromatherapy practices. The quality of Frankincense oil varies according to the different climatic conditions, geographical sources and harvesting conditions. Lack of oil extraction quality results in a faint aroma and dull visibility. In Aromachology Oils, the natural, pure and certified shop, we sell all premium oils by ensuring high-quality components and natural sources.


Contemporary uses of Frankincense Essential Oil

In the olden era, Frankincense was used for worship and medicinal purposes, as it is rich in medicinal properties. Still, it is considered one of the most important resins in Catholic and Orthodox churches. Iranian physicians used it in body ailments; Egyptians used it in their religious sites; Christians considered it more valuable than gold, as Mahi offered it to infant Jesus in one of the three gifts; China used it as antibodies. The Frankincense producing trees are impossible to grow beyond the Arabian peninsula, so they are more valued than gold, resulting in high demand and short supply. Insect repellents were also made through frankincense oil, one of the main ingredients. Frankincense resins were used as chewing gums in the olden days.

In this new normal era, Frankincense oils are used for several purposes, such as skin products, ailments, hair essential oil etc. This essential oil is highly healing in Aromatherapy's universal healing process. Chinese treatments and Ayurveda are the common users of this essential oil. Skin products such as serums and moisturizers include essential oils for their long-lasting look with no side effects.

All 5000 years old medicinal and Incense products benefit from Frankincense oils worldwide. Using this oil in traditional ayurvedic medicine has numerous benefits, such as helping digestion, asthma, five stages of cancer, and arthritis, improving face tone, a stress reliever, reducing scars, hair care, sleep aid, tracking and reducing inflammation, acting as a healing agent, acting as anti-cancer properties and maintaining oral health.

Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits

Our Aromachology uses high-quality components in all products. Frankincense essential oils have numerous benefits that benefit humans in all ways.

Component breakdown of  Frankincense


sabinene is one of the main components of frankincense oil. Research states that sabinene in frankincense oils has a high anti-inflammatory effect.


The anti-microbiological called a-pinene plays one of the main roles in Frankincense oil.


the extraction from citrus fruit has high anti-oxidant properties that reduce inflammatory


delta 3 carene has anti-fungal properties and has the properties to cure infections.


Product Specifications

Botanical Name Boswellia serrata
Method of Extraction Steam Distillation
Natural or organic? Natural
Extracted from Resin
Origin India
Color and Appearance  Colorless to pale yellow
Blends Well with Basil, Black Pepper, Galbanum, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, Orange, Melissa, Patchouli, Pine and Sandalwood.


Frankincense Essential Oil Uses

There is high demand worldwide for frankincense oil, i.e. international demand. As it is collected from the wild, it benefits numerous medical problems, so people look for its high medicinal properties.


Frankincense in Aromatherapy

Many people are familiar with the term Aromatherapy, but no one is aware of its actual meaning. The method of healing through natural sources for mental and physical well-being is called Aromatherapy. Studies show that using Frankincense essential oil helps reduce stress, reduce inflammation, lowers arthritis and clear nasal blockages and other lung disorders. You can use it for diffusers, bathing, massaging, facial products, hair care etc.



Using cosmetics makes different variations on your skin. Later it results in skin allergies. Many cosmetic products are beyond the PH levels mentioned in the market. People are unaware of the product's PH level because it causes skin issues. 

Mixing a drop of frankincense essential oil in your products gives a natural fragrance and more health benefits, including clear and wrinkle-free skin.


Frankincense soap 

Many soaps are fully profit-oriented and made with a chemical that causes skin allergies such as acne, dryness, oil secretion etc. Soaps with natural benefits make skin-friendly and have no side effects, keeping your skin soft and clear. Research states that there will be high demand for natural soaps by 2027 as it holds high medicinal properties. At our Aromachology, we offer all-natural benefited soaps at budget-friendly costs.

Frankincense oil is used as the base and does not have any fragrance on it. The fragrance is added to it to help it longer to sustain. You can easily make soaps at home using a strong base on its foundation. Avoid using chemicals when you make natural soaps using essential oils that may react negatively. Look for products with no fragrance. 


Skincare's Using Frankincense Essential Oil

Skincare products have more side effects due to chemicals in high variations, which makes our skin get high allergic issues, untreatable disorders etc. Skincare can be made naturally at home using some natural sources. These natural sources help in problem-free skin.

Frankincense essential oil has more skincare benefits. This oil can be used in serum, moisturizing, and toner to prevent skin issues such as acne, scars, tissue remodeling, skin tone, oil secretion, control dryness, etc.


Incense sticks and candles

Incense and candles are highly exposed to chemicals. The paraffin wax that candles are made of produces carcinogens and cancer-producing agents. The use of essential oils in candles has rich medicinal properties, and scents are also added in ranges to keep the environment scented. Scents have many toxic benefits, so people opt for natural Incense. Natural Incense is made with essential oils such as frankincense oil.


Air Fresheners/ Room spray

Air fresheners are allergic to some people because of the smell or flavor, or chemicals. Using frankincense oil in your fragrance helps regulate sleep and stress management and keeps the mind soothing. You can make organic home air freshener by adding a few drops of essential oil with lukewarm water in a spray bottle. Spray the freshener twice a day, which helps to regulate mental stress.


Medicinal properties of Frankincense essential oil

The mixture of frankincense essential oil and myrrh has adequate health benefits. A study says this is one of the best combinations for high-health purposes. It helps in inflammation and cancer. The anti-cancer benefits of Frankincense essential oils help identify healthy, normal, dull, dead, and cancer cells. After identifying the cancer cells, it destroys the carcinogens to reduce the effect of cancer. Continuous usage of Frankincense essential oil helps to eradicate even five cancer stages.


Frankincense Essential Oil for pets

Animals are more smell bound than humans. The smells might make them overwhelmed or discomfort. You should not use any essential oils for your pets, either internally or externally. If you wish to use Frankincense oil, use diffusers that might be better for pets. Never force your pets to use Frankincense oils if it feels uncomfortable. It might cause health issues in them.


Cautious way of using essential oils 

Don't apply Frankincense or other essential oils directly on your skin. Applying directly on your skin can cause illness, skin repairs and injuries because its nature is strong. If you are in any medical treatment, seek help from your medical professionals before using a new product. If not, you will get allergies. Patch test is necessary before using any oil. In oil, the test shows less if it has more chemical ingredients.



Frankincense Essential Oils are rich in health benefits. We at Aromachology deliver the best natural products that pamper your body and soothe your mind. We have detailed descriptions of the uses, the ways to apply our frankincense essential oil, health benefits and other benefits of Frankincense essential oil; we hope it helps you better understand.

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