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Palo Santo Essential Oil


What is Palo Santo Essential Oil? (Bursera Graveolens)

The Palo Santo tree can be grown in various fields. They don't need much care and nurture, they grow in dry places where many trees find it difficult to grow, but this tree needs minimal care. The tree has many branches that might result in producing a large amount of wood that is used as a component to extract the oil. The dried woods have a very good aroma which is widely used in aromatherapy practices and perfumes. In ancient times, the tree itself was believed and worshiped as a holy tree which caused the wood to be used as a divine property while doing rituals by monks and shamans. The tree is rare and can be found in an unimaginable places, and it grows naturally with the help of rainwater and sunlight.



A process should be followed to get the essential oil. The extraction process makes work easy to get the organic Palo Santo essential oil. Before processing, the ingredients should be prepared and stored correctly to get the beneficiary output from the source.

Steam distillation

To get raw palo santo essential oil, the wood in the palo santo tree is used. The components are placed in a container, and the steam is passed through the container. The smoke formed during the process is collected. The collected smoke is stored in another container, where it turns into its liquid form. The liquid contains both water and the needed Palo Santo essential oil. To remove water, filtration takes place. The thick liquid stored under the water is the resultant palo santo essential oil. To maintain their potential benefits, you should store them in a dark glass container.


Product Details

Product Name Palo Santo Essential Oil
Botanical Name Bursera Graveolens
Extraction Method Steam Distilled
Origin Ecuador
Color Pale yellow to light brown
Aroma Fresh and Woody
Extracted from Wood
Blends well with Black pepper, cedarwood, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, lemon balm, myrrh, rose, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Benefits of Palo Santo Essential Oil 


Aromatherapy practices prefer using various essential oils that blend with other oils. The palo santo oil can be blended with some other essential oil. The Palo Santo oil creates a peaceful ambiance when used, so the oil is used in massage practices. It clears your mind and gives a boost in energy. In aromatherapy, the smell of the essential oil is the top priority. The scent helps them to relax during aromatherapy sessions.


Using Palo Santo oil for the skin might increase the glow and texture of the skin due to its antioxidant agent present in the oil. The oil can also be applied to the skin if there are injuries and allergic reactions due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties. In the cosmetic industry, the use of oil in products is known for increasing the effect of the product while using it for a limited number of days.


The perfumes with a pinch of Palo Santo oil can help remove the bad body odor from your skin and protect the skin from bacteria that form while sweating. You can make perfumes and air sprays at home by adding the oil to warm water and letting it cool, then transferring it to a spray bottle to use regularly.

Candles and Incense

Candles and incense made with the palo santo essential oil have cleansing properties that positively fill your room and eliminate negative energies. They are also believed to bring divine energy near you, which helps you to guide your life.


The Palo Santo essential is primarily used in feminine hygiene products. The raw oil has excellent potential to regrow the bald spot in the head. When used in the hair, try to add carrier oil along with the raw oil cause it may damage the hair scalp if directly applied without dilution. The Palo Santo oil is added to homemade lip balms and lipsticks to improve your lips' pigmentation. It also gives you pillowy and soft lips.


Medicinal Benefits of Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo santo oil is used in pharmaceutical companies where they use the oil in antiseptic ointments and creams that cure rashes and bites. The Palo Santo essential oil helps to soothe the pain and discomfort in the stomach area by simply applying there. Some cultures use palo santo oil as a massage oil to relieve body pain. The oil has healing activities that help the infected person regain the skin. In olden times the oil is purposely used in medical emergencies. The scent present in the Santo oil can promote your breathing exercises during cold and flu.

Some common health issues during climate change, like headaches, pains, and migraines, can be managed using the palo santo essential oil. The calm scent of the oil might ease the person who constantly has headaches during climate change. If you are constantly nervous and fidgeting, try to use the palo santo oil; they exhibit a soothing and uplifting aroma.


Palo Santo Essential Oil for Pets

Pets like dogs and cats may get overwhelmed by smelling a heavy scent in the air due to their sensitivity. Most essential oils have a heavy smell that might even be heavy for humans, so avoid using the oil directly on pets without guidance. The oil helps pets reduce the itchiness, but most pets might show a different reaction to the oil, which raises caution for pet guardians.



Essential oil is known for its potency, so directly applying the potent oil to your skin can cause harm. So before applying the oil, mix it with some other carrier oil to lessen the power of the potent oil. Apply a minimum amount initially, then increase the amount gradually to avoid risks. If you are sensitive, avoid applying essential oil directly on the face or skin. You should test your skin before using the raw oil.


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