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Juniper Berry Essential Oil


Juniper Berry Essential Oil - 100% Pure, Natural and Certified 

Our pure Juniper Berry Essential Oil is a totally natural and highly effective oil, created from wild-grown juniper berries. The unique scent of this essential oil carries an air of calmness that can be experienced with just a single whiff of the delightful aroma.

With ancient roots dating as far back as Ancient Greece, Juniper Berry Essential Oil has long held a place in many cultures. From Native American remedies to calming aromatherapy treatments in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, this versatile oil is regularly used to combat stress, reduce inflammation and boost immunity levels. 



It is rich in components such as alpha pinene, camphene, thujone, terpinenol, limonene and sabinene which work together synergistically to provide multiple beneficial effects. 


Benefits and Uses of Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Historically, Juniper Leaf has been used to drive away negative energy, to purify and protect one’s aura.  With the ability to transform negative emotions into positive emotions, Juniper is both a spiritual and bodily protector. Juniper clears obstructions on our pathway to the divine spirit allowing enlightenment and inner vision, uplifts the heart, mind, and spirit.

Our premium grade Juniper Berry Essential Oil can be used both internally and externally depending on the desired application or outcome. Whether taken internally through massage or bath inhalation or directly applied on skin for toothache relief, acne treatment or simply for the invigorating scent it provides – this essential oil offers immense therapeutic benefits for physical and psychological wellbeing! Add a few drops into any diffuser or humidifier to experience an abundance of mental clarity and relaxation. 


  • Improves digestion
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Helps to treat acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Eliminates toxins from body


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