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Calamus Oil


Calamus Oil: Natural, Pure & Steam Distilled

If you are a seeker of exotic scents then this pure calamus oil is for you. Today I am going to uncover benefits, blends, uses, manufacturer details of pure calamus essential oil. 

It is a 100% natural, pure and undiluted oil from the house of Aromachology and is perfect to intrigue your senses.

  • What are calamus oil benefits?
  • How to use calamus oil?
  • How to blend it and what are some good substitutes?
  • Where can I source calamus essential oil in bulk at wholesale prices?

If you have these or similar questions, then this post is for you so read on!


What is Calamus Oil?

The steam-distilled essential oil derived from the roots of acorns calamus is called calamus oil. 

The parent plant is often also known as sweet flag hence you would find it being referred to as sweet flag oil in a lot of regions of the world. Don't get confused with the names, they all refer to the same thing. 

I call calamus an aromatic wonder, quite like a whimsical artist in the world of essential oils. 

It is bold, carefree, not so common and complex. The aroma makes it highly prestigious in the perfume industry while its therapeutic properties have. carved a name for it in the skincare and homeopathy / Pharma industry. 

Smell and scent profile

Calamus root essential oil has a complex, woody, spicy yet sweet smell. It has a base note and the aroma strength is medium. 

History and Cultivation

Calamus traces its historical roots in the ancient times where it was used for its therapeutic benefits in Ayurveda - ancient Indian science of medicine. It was called Vacha, which implies that it was helpful in coping with stress and enhancing cognitive abilities. 

Similar references are found in Chinese medicine too. 

When we talk about its cultivation and care, it would be safe to use the adjective 'tough' to describe it. It grows on its own and can thrive in various conditions with little to no care. 


Calamus blends well with

Blends well with

Looking to create blends with calamus oil? 

Following is the list of essential oils that calamus blends well with:

Calamus Oil Benefits

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and analgesic qualities, Calamus Oil can be beneficial for a number of different body systems including the respiratory and nervous systems.

I have listed below some of the significant benefits that you should know about. 

Aromatherapy and spiritual benefits

The intriguing yet complex aroma of calamus root oil has stress relieving properties. It enhances the focus and improves cognitive function. 

Think of it as a detox for your mind and energies. When your mind and the surrounding energy is clean, it will give way to positivity, clear thoughts and creativity to foster. 

Improves digestion

Controlled and professionally supervised usage of acorns calamus oil can improve the digestive system and open up the hunger. If you are struggling with loss of appetite then you can include it in your routine, under medical supervision, of course. 

Clears the skin and adds glow

This is a more commonly known benefit. It is beneficial in calming the skin and reducing inflammation. Facing heat patches or excessive pitta? Try a diluted blend of it and you will witness great changes in your skin. 

It reduces pigmentation and adds a beautiful glow. A simple way to incorporate calamus in your skincare routine is by adding it to face masks. 

Be careful to do a patch test first. 

For Hair Care

Honestly, it is not a very common oil in hair care. While there is lack of any concrete study, some believe it to be useful for scalp nourishment and dandruff relief. 

Perfume making

Its unique and complex aroma makes it a very interesting choice for perfume making. Some calamus oil good scents include

  • Spicy Citrus: With orange and cinnamon
  • Woody floral: With Rose and Vetiver
  • Sweet comfort: With Vanilla and cinnamon


benefits and uses


Calamus Oil Uses and Applications

  • Perfumery
  • Soap making
  • Candle making
  • Massage oil and spa
  • Diffuser oil and blends
  • Homeopathy medicine 
  • Ayurveda and Chinese medicine


Safety guidelines and precautions

There have been certain controversies involving it and hence it should be used carefully. There are two main varieties of it, one which comes from Europe and another one that comes from India. 

I recommend going for the Indian one as it is considered safer. 

Nevertheless, you should consult a doctor or medical professional before using it and pregnant and nursing women should avoid using it. 

Lastly don't forget to store it away from your pets. 


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Product Details

Product Name Calamus Essential Oil
Botanical Name acorns calamus
Extraction Method Steam distallation
Origin India
Colour pale yellow to amber
Aroma Woody, sweet, complex
Extracted from Roots