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Patchouli Essential Oil


What is Patchouli Essential Oil? (Pogostemon cablin)

The patchouli plants are generally known for their use for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The oil segregated from the plant is used in various aspects, including cosmetic industries, skincare industries and in pharmaceutical companies. The patchouli essential oil has a distinct scent that attracts people who are searching for oils to add to their products. An organic oil can only be obtained based on the growing situation of the plant. The oils might differ if they are cultivated in other regions other than the native. A high-quality grown plant can make the oil more organic and pure.


Extraction of Patchouli Essential Oil

The perfect time to extract the patchouli essential oil is based on the time of the leaves after the blossoms fall; it has a distinct aroma. The oil is used for various purposes. The oil can be made by steam distillation, supercritical fluid, and solvent extraction.

Steam distillation

The leaves of patchouli are used to extract the oil. Steam distillation is the oldest method that has been followed for many years. The leaves are picked, dried, and placed in a container. The steam is passed through the container, and the resultant vapor is stored. The obtained vapor is transformed into a liquid that contains water and essential oil.

The quality of the patchouli essential is based on the leaf's maturity and the harvest timing. If picked in some other months than the summer season, they result in mild aroma and lesser benefits.

Solvent extraction

Solvent extraction is another method to extract patchouli oil. Here, adding a solvent like hexane or petroleum and the plant component can extract the oil. When the solvent evaporates, the remaining source is patchouli essential oil.

Supercritical fluid extraction

The supercritical extract has been used in recent days. This method uses carbon dioxide. It is warmed at a high temperature and forced to obtain the patchouli essential oil. The obtained essential oil has quality and aroma equal to the leaves' quality and aroma. Though steam distillation is widely used back then, they are time-consuming, but supercritical fluid extraction saves time and produces quality oil.


Product Details

Botanical Name Pogostemon cablin
Extraction Method Steam Distilled
Origin India
Color Golden Orange to dark brown
Aroma Medium aroma, earthy yet fruity
Extracted from Leaves
Blends Well with Bergamot, Black Pepper, Clary Sage, Elemi, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, Lavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Neroli, Pine, Rose, Rosewood and Sandalwood


Contemporary uses of Patchouli Essential Oil

The patchouli plant is a medicinal plant with various physical and mental purposes. They are also popular choices in cosmetic industries. Patchouli oil in everyday life can increase the texture and smoothness of hair and skin. The oil has a strong scent that can eliminate the unpleasant odor in the atmosphere. It has an antiviral and insecticidal agent that helps to repel mosquitoes and bugs in your house. The oil has a scent that purifies the air instantly.

It helps to moisten the strands and scalp in hair products. Using a recommended ratio in the skin can clear the acne and dark spots present in the skin. The earthy tone in the fragrance can boost emotions and feelings while aromatherapy practices.


Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil


It helps to reduce nervousness and fidgeting. The oil contains an earthy aroma that helps you to sleep deeply. In Aromatherapy, the oil is used for massaging purposes.


Using patchouli oil in soaps can decrease the bad odor that comes from the body. It releases a pleasant scent after using the soap that has patchouli oil as a base. If you have some skin issues, adding oil to your soap or face wash can cure them. Patchouli oil is a popular ingredient in soaps which adds numerous health benefits. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which shield our skin from external harm. People with acne-prone skin use the oil in their soaps to keep their skin from acne.


Some of the components in shampoos can cause damage to our hair, so by adding patchouli oil with it, the percentage of the toxins can be removed. If you have heavy dry hair, then adding oil to your hair products can help your hair to moisten. The oil has properties that may help to reduce dandruff, so using the oil on the scalp can remove the dandruff. It helps the hair to grow lustrously, even in environmental pollution. It also helps to grow your hair thickly and strongly.


The smell of the patchouli is known for relaxing your nerves and setting your mind in a good mood. It helps to remove the negative aura that surrounds you. By burning the candle in your desired place, you can invite good energy and good thoughts. If you need some product that will keep your room in a good scent and for aesthetics, then scented candles are the best choice. It creates a feeling that you want to remember forever.

Perfumes and Air sprays

It might affect your skin if you use perfume daily, but using a perfume that has patchouli oil can reduce your body odor, and it does not affect your skin in any way. You can make perfumes and air sprays at home by adding the patchouli oil to warm water and letting it cool, then transferring it to a spray bottle to use regularly.


There is much chemical-induced incense in the market. Incense might be suitable outdoors, but chemical incense can cause harm in a confined space. For that, we can use homemade incense containing patchouli oil; the scent helps relieve cough and other respiratory issues.

Other Benefits

It has other benefits followed along with the above benefits, like lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, stimulating blood circulation, lowers fever and Nervous disorders.


Medicinal uses of Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli oil has various benefits for health. The oil's anti-inflammatory properties help us lead a good life by increasing our immunity. The aroma of the oil refreshes our surroundings. Using oil every day can bring various benefits and changes mentally and physically.



Essential oil is known for its potency, so directly applying the potent oil to your skin can cause harm. So before applying the oil, mix it with some other carrier oil to lessen the power of the potent oil. Apply a minimum amount initially, then increase the amount gradually to avoid risks.


Patchouli Essential oil for Pets

Animals are reactive and more sensitive in nature than human beings. The scent of the patchouli oil may be overwhelming for them. Avoid using the oil on puppies and kittens. They are more sensitive than adults. To prevent adverse reactions, use it with a carrier oil in a small amount of essential oil. Consulting a vet is a must before using it on them.



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