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Champaca Essential Oil


Champaca Essential Oil - Benefits, Uses & Extraction Details

Have you heard of Champaca essential oil or Michelia alba essential oil? No? Let's take you on an aromatic journey with this one-of-a-kind mesmerising essential oil. 

Champaca essential oil wholesale

Champaca essential oil is extracted from flowers and leaves of Michelia alba plant which is usually cultivated in Southeast Asia and tropical regions of East Asia. A product that is renowned for its applications in skincare and perfume industry is nothing but botanical magic for your senses. 

At Aromachology Oils, we are delighted to offer you premium quality essential oil of Champa or Champak. It is 100% pure and free of any synthetic fragrances.

If you take one sniff of this oil, you would realise that it is like a bouquet of rare and exotic flowers that are showering you with their natural aroma day after day. 

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Champaca Essential Oil Profile & Botanical Details

Botnaical Name

Michelia alba (It was earlier known as Michelia champaca)

Plant Family


Other Names

White champaca, champak, white jade orchid 

Plant Type

Evergreen tree mostly found in South Asian regions like India, Malaysia, Indonasia

Aroma: Champa Oil Smells Like

It is has a sweet, floral, warm and calming aroma. Just a few drops in diffuser and you will be ready to transform any space into a sanctuary of serenity. 




Blends well with

Champa oil blends well with other bulk essential oils like

Colour and appearance

Pale yellow to amber-colored (sometimes brownis) liquid that has medium to thick viscosity



Extraction Process

Steam Distillation


key constituents and chemical composition

Key Constituents of Champaca Essential Oil

  • Linalool
  • Benzoic acid
  • Champacol
  • Other sesquiterpenes


champaca essential oil benefits and uses

Champaca Essential Oil Benefits & Uses


Skin feeling tired or dull? Looking to add a magic ingredient in your skincare or body care formulations? Then look no further because Aromachology's pure champaca essential oil is an antioxidant powerhouse, blessed by the goodness of nature. The organic constituents of champa oil have shown results in reducing fine lines, blemishes, acne and pigmentation. It adds a glow that is bound to get compliments from all. 

Champaca absolute essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal oil for calming skin and moisturising it. It is great to be used in all kinds of skincare products like face creams, body lotions, serums, body butters etc. As a skincare and cosmetic manufacturer, you should definitely try our organic champaca oil and see how your business grows. 


Simply add a few drops of our natural bulk champaca oil to your bath and get ready to enjoy the most rejuvenating bath ever. Once you start relaxing in the bath made with bulk champaca essential oil you will forget all worries of the day and will be transcended into a zen like mood. Hello happy hormones! Your stress will evaporate and serenity will take over. 

Deodorants and Soap Making

Refreshing, sweet, exotic and floral aroma makes it a great choice for manufacturing deodorants, mists, colognes, shower gels, soaps, candles etc. This rare aroma blends well with a variety of other essential oils making it a great choice to experiment and craft. 

Natural Perfumery

Perfumers love the scent of champaca essential oil. Be it Tom Ford, Chopard or Jo Malone, they have all created signature fragrance with champaca scent namely, Champaca Absolute (Tom Ford), Champaca Magnolia (Estes Lauder)etc. With Aromachology's help you can also easily get access to champaca oil for perfumery. 

This scent also cleanses the air and gets rid of any odours. As a result it can be successfully used to make room sprays, car fresheners and other such odour controlling fragrance products. 


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Aromachology is a trusted champaca essential oil wholesaler and bulk supplier and one of the finest stores to buy this oil in bulk. Our oil is of premium quality, steam-distilled and undiluted.

It is a 100% natural product that has been extracted using traditional distillation practices.

We do not add any chemicals, fragrances, synthetic aromas or fillers in our champaca oil. This makes it a good choice for everyday use. Feel free to use it for skincare, haircare, body lotions, body scrubs, body butters, shower gels, room fresheners, colognes, mists, perfumes, or for diffuser blends. 

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