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Jasmine Essential Oil


Jasmine Essential Oil - 100% Pure, Natural and Certified 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Jasmine Essential Oil! For centuries, jasmine has been prized by cultures around the world for its divine scent. In many spiritual traditions, jasmine is believed to be a bridge between people and deities. Ancient stories tell of heavenly spirits visiting homes perfumed with the sweet aroma of jasmine.

Evoking feelings of luxury, beauty, and grace, Jasmine Essential Oil has been a part of various cultures and societies for centuries. This highly fragrant oil is extracted from the petals of jasmine flowers through a steam distillation process and offers an array of important benefits. From incredible health-related benefits to spiritual importance in many countries around the world, there is much to learn about this powerful oil.


Jasmine essential oil consists mainly of monoterpenols and sesquiterpenes - ingredients thats have scientifically proven physiological benefits. That’s why you’ll often find this special oil featured in the best skincare products currently available on the market.


Benefits and Uses of Jasmine Essential Oil

Today we still use jasmine essential oil in a wide variety of ways to benefit our wellbeing. Its therapeutic properties are said to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as provide anti-inflammatory benefits that help keep our skin healthy and glowing.  

When used internally or topically in aromatherapy blends and massage oils for example, it can provide an uplifting effect on one’s mood as well as provide relief from minor aches and pains.

As far as skin care products go, jasmine oil helps improve skin elasticity while preventing fine lines and wrinkles – all while providing a heavenly aroma that lingers with you throughout the day!

Candle and Soap Making 

Not only that, but its enchanting aroma makes it perfect for adding a powerful touch of luxury to everyday items like candles, soaps, and fragrances. It can even be used in aromatherapy for an extra powerful session of relaxation and balance!
You should seriously consider adding jasmine essential oil to your candles or soapmaking projects. Not only will it bring your creations to life by way of its beautiful fragrance but some believe that inhaling this intoxicating scent can improve your creativity…how wonderful! 


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