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Cypress Essential Oil


Cypress Essential Oil | Essential Oil Of Cypress

Description & Components of Cypress Essential Oil Wholesale

Cypress Essential Oil is a powerful aromatherapy oil that has many benefits for mental and physical health.

It is composed of a mixture of components, each with its own unique effect on the body when inhaled or applied to the skin. As an essential oil, Cypress is especially beneficial for those who practice aromatherapy since it provides emotional comfort and physical benefits. When you buy bulk cypress essential oil wholesale from a leading supplier like aromachology oils, you can get your hands on premium quality cypress oil at very competitive factory prices. 

Our pure essential oil of cypress is extracted from the finest needles of cypress trees through a process called steam distillation. These trees are primarily found in the region of Italy and then exported to other regions of the world. 

Cypress essential oil constitutes of the following key naturally occuring components:


Unique Properties of Essential Oil of Cypress Wholesale

When you think of skin dirt, you should think of the essential oil of cypress. It has unique properties that remove dirt build-up on skin, leaving clean, dirt free complexion for the win.

How does cypress oil do this? The answer lies in the astringent properties of this oil. It is powerful enough to cut through any grease buildup but mild enough to remain gentle on the skin. Formulate face cleansers, toners etc with our pure essential oil of cypress and say hello to squeaky clean skin. 


Cypress Essential Oil History and Cultivation: Tracing back to the roots

The cypress, a stunning evergreen that has been renowned for its aroma and beauty, is found around the world. It’s believed that cypress first originated in South East Asia and North India and was used in ancient times by Greeks and Romans to adorn their temples, build ships, and make essential oil.

The cypress tree has held a place of reverence throughout history due to its fragrance and powerful appearance; it’s sometimes referred to as “the Tree of Life.”

Today cypress trees are still grown both ornately and commercially, with its essential oil prized in aromatherapy and massage settings alike.

Cultivation is fairly easy as cypress tends to do well on all types of soil; just be sure to plant it in an area where the soil doesn't get too dry or wet during particular seasons!


Essential Oil Of Cypress Aroma 

Cypress Essential Oil has a powerful earthy, woody aroma which can be used in aromatherapy diffusers, or directly inhaled from the bottle.

Aromachology's Promise of Quality

As a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of bulk cypress essential oil, we take rigorous care and have the highest standards of quality. Our oils meets international standards and have certificates to prove the same. Our oil of cypress has been crafted without causing any harm to animals and is thus quality free. So you know that when you buy from us, you have not caused any harm to animals. It is also 100% vegetarian. 

A promise of excellence and an assurance of the best wholesale and bulk price is our forte. Buy essential oil of cypress in bulk at wholesale price from us and witness the magic. 


Essential Oil Of Cypress Benefits For Wholesale Purposes

Essential Oil Of Cypress Aromatherapy benefits

Some studies show that cypress oil wholesale helps express emotional grounding and clarity, allowing you to stay connected to your inner self.

Its fresh and spicy fragrance uplifts your headspace while still keeping you grounded and emboldened—a perfect blend of energy-inducing properties and calming vibes.

Cypress Oil Massage benefits

Apart from the emotional boosts it provides, this essential oil can also provide great physical benefits when massaged into the skin or blended in a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oils.

It helps improve circulation, reduce inflammation and maximize oxygen delivery throughout the body.

Cypress also acts as a natural antiseptic and astringent agent which can help clear up residual acne lesions as well as tighten sagging skin while reducing puffiness in general facial areas.

 Cypress Essential Oil for Congestion and Respiratory Benefits

Want to clear your congestion and breathe better? Do pranayama! And while doing that, don't forget to diffuse a few drops of pure and natural cypress oil. It cleanses any phlegm buildup and eases congestion. Make sure to do pranayam in open space with good airflow. 

 Cypress Essential Oil Emotional Benefits

Cleansing and soothing, the aroma of cypress essential oil has emotional benefits that include encouraging you to make the most of life. Greeks have been known to worship this tree for its spiritual benefits and even have a god based on it. It refreshes the mood and has been traditionally thought of responsible for putting that lovely smile back on our faces. 

 What is Essential Oil Cypress Used For?

The essential oil cypress uses list is exhaustive but to name a few, it is used for aromatherapy, massages, candle and soap making, skincare and cosmetic manufacturing, diffuser blend etc. 



Cypress Essential Oil Wholesale for Soap and Candle Making

Thanks to its versatility in multiple mediums, this essential oil is ideal not only for an individual practitioner but also for soap makers or cosmetics manufacturers.

It blends well with other ingredients used in DIY soap mixes and baths salts recipes; thus contributing extra moisturizing effects on top of its already potent therapeutic properties like antifungal action or detoxifying abilities.

Furthermore, Cypress Essential Oil helps create herbaceous scents with detailed earthy undertones that present delightful aromas in beauty products such as body scrubs or moisturizing lotions.


 Essential Oil of Cypress Wholesale Details

Botanical Name Cupressus Sempervirens
Odor Herbaceous, woody, fresh
Blends well with lemon, bergamot, juniper berry
Origin Italy
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Source Needles