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Gardenia Essential Oil


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What is Gardenia Essential Oil? (Gardenia grandiflora)

Gardenia is a group of flowering plants belonging to the family of Coffee. They are tiny green shrubs; Sometimes, they grow as small trees. Large amounts of flowers are required to extract the oil. This plant belongs to South America. The botanical name of Gardenia is Gardenia Grandiflora. It is produced in Madagascar, Australia, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific islands. It is used in Aromatherapy, skin, and body. It has high effects on curing Jaundice, insomnia, blood clotting, anxiety, mensuration issues, etc. Chinese herbal formulas incorporate Gardenia essential oil. It is used in skincare, haircare, Aromatherapy, diffuser, bath salts, body pain ointments, etc. It can also be blended with Jasmine and Lavender essential oil.



Gardenia is extracted by Steam distillation, Absolute extraction, and Expression.

Steam distillation

The steam distillation process is the standard extraction method dated hundreds of years ago. The Gardenia Essential Oil releases are violated by placing the ingredients in the vat with water for its delicate consistency and heating for some time. The collected streams are differentiated and separated as oil and water.

Absolute extraction

Heating is done in a high range for breaking soft compounds. A solvent is also added to extract the aroma by dissolving it in the oil. The state of the solvent should be expected, and in the right kind, they are removed in the end during oil extraction.


Expression is the oldest method of extracting oil. It is also a simple method of extraction. The extraction is done by squeezing the parts of the tree to produce oil.


Product Specification

Botanical Name Gardenia grandiflora
Method of Extraction Steam distillation
Natural or organic? Natural
Extracted from Flowers
Origin China
Color and Appearance  Greenish brown
Blends well with cinnamon leaf, citrus, clove, jasmine, neroli, rose, tuberose and ylang ylang.


Benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil

Gardenia Essential Oil has plenty of benefits, from Aromatherapy to skincare.

Skin benefits

It has fatty acids and emollient properties, which help in skin nourishment. The property of anti-inflammation helps in reducing blemishes. The antioxidants reduce skin irritation and protect from skin damage. It reduces all scars and gives a glow to the face.

Hair benefits

The fragrance of Gardenia essential oil makes people choose it for their routine hair care. It helps in healthy blood circulation, promoting hair growth, good scalp condition, etc.

Spiritual benefits

It promotes love, wealth, prosperity, and peace. It also enhances the power of intuition, purifies the soul, and calms the mind.


Gardenia Essential Oil Uses

There is high demand worldwide for Gardenia oil, i.e., international demand. As it is collected from the wild, it benefits numerous medical problems, so people look for its high medicinal properties.


Many people are familiar with Aromatherapy but need to know its actual meaning. The method of healing through natural sources for mental and physical well-being is called Aromatherapy. Studies show that using this oil helps to reduce stress and promotes sleep. You can use it for diffusers, bathing, massaging, facial products, hair care, etc.


Using cosmetics makes different variations on your skin. Later it results in skin allergies. Many cosmetic products are beyond the PH levels mentioned in the market. People are unaware of the product's PH level because it causes skin issues.

Mixing a drop of Gardenia essential oil in your products gives a natural fragrance and more health benefits, including clear and wrinkle-free skin.


Many soaps are fully profit-oriented and made with a chemical that causes skin allergies such as acne, dryness, oil secretion, etc. Soaps with natural benefits are skin-friendly and have no side effects, keeping your skin soft and clear. At our Aromachology Oils, we offer all-natural benefited oils at budget-friendly costs.

Gardenia Essential oil is used as the base and does not have any fragrance on it. The fragrance is added to it to help it longer to sustain. You can easily make soaps at home using a strong base on its foundation. Avoid using chemicals when you make natural soaps using essential oils that may react negatively. Look for products with no fragrance.


High chemical variations in skin care products results in allergic issues, untreatable disorders, etc. With the help of natural resources, we can have numerous benefits for our skin. Using natural resources helps in providing healthy skin.

You can use Gardenia essential oil, which has more skincare benefits. We can use it as serum, moisturizer, and toner to prevent acne, scars, tissue remodeling, skin tone, oil secretion, control dryness, etc.


Chemicals are highly exposed in Candles. Carcinogens and other cancer-producing agents are produced by Paraffin wax. Candles made out of essential oils are rich in fragrance and health benefits to keep the environment scented and ourselves healthy.

Air Fresheners/ Room spray

People might be allergic due to the fragrance, flavor, or chemicals used in Air fresheners. You can use Gardenia Essential oil which helps to promote sleep, manage stress, and soothes our mind. Organically made air fresheners are available widely in the market. You can also prepare a wide variety of air sprays at home by using a few drops of essential oil with lukewarm water. Cool the water and transfer it into the bottle. You can use the spray twice a day to experience its unbelievable benefits.


Medicinal properties of Gardenia essential oil

The resourceful oil incorporates bewildering medicinal properties. It is considered a high-health medicinal oil due to its benefits. Inflammation and other health problems are being cured by using this oil. Its Antioxidant properties and benefits help to identify healthy, normal, dull, and dead cells and regulate their function. We can use this oil daily to eradicate skin and unhealthy bacteria.


Gardenia Essential Oil for Pets

Animals have more of a sense of smell than humans. Smell plays a vital role in mood swings; it might make them uncomfortable and overwhelming. Do not apply oils to your pets, either internally or externally. Use it as a diffuser that might be better for pets. Never force your pets to use oils if it feels uncomfortable. It results in health issues.



Applying Gardenia or other essential oils to your skin causes illness, skin repairs, and injuries because of its robust nature. Seek help from your medical professionals before using a new product. If not, you will get allergies. The patch test is necessary before using it.



In our Aromachology Oils, we deliver the best natural products to pamper your body and your mind. We have detailed descriptions of the uses, how to apply our oil and their health benefits. To know more about our products, look at the menu of our products. We deliver Carrier Oils and Essential Oils at wholesale and retail purchases in the United States.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Gardenia essential oil good for?

It lowers body aches, inflammation, bacterial infections, arthritis, interstitial cyst, injuries, bladder infections, etc.


What does Gardenia essential oil blend well with?

The Gardenia essential oil has enormous benefits. It blends well with natural items like cinnamon, clove, rose, citrus, neroli, and ylang-ylang.


What does Gardenia's essential oil smell like?

It has a strong and sweet floral scent.


Is Gardenia essential oil good for the skin?

Yes, it pampers, refreshes, and revives the healthiness of the skin, controls oil secretion, and reduces acne and scarring.


Where to buy Gardenia essential oil near me?

Aromachology Oils delivers the best Gardenia Essential Oils in the United States of America.

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