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Rose essential oil


Rose Essential Oil For Wholesale & Bulk Buy

Introducing ultimate luxury with our pure & steam-distilled rose essential oil. It is extracted from Rose de mal and has a yellowish-green color. Did you think it would be red or pink? 

It is an enticing harmony of sweet, floral, and royal notes. To harness the true benefits, we always recommend buying good quality rose oil from a trusted essential oil wholesaler. 

Kiss goodbye to stress and anxiety and unlock emotional balance in your life with this classic fragrance. 

It is cruelty-free, responsibly sourced and vegan friendly. The parent plant is usually bushy and thorny. 

Did you know that it takes almost a million rose petals to extract a few drops of oil? That is the reason why pure rose oil can be expensive. 


Aroma and Scent Details

Pure and organic rose essential oil smells like walking in a floral garden. It is sweet, floral, and romantic with extremely slight hints of spice. 

Blends well with

Refer to the following list to understand which essential oils rose oil blends well with:


Wholesale rose oil benefits and uses

Oil Profile 

Product Name Rose de mal Essential Oil
Botanical Name Rose Centifolia
Extraction Method Steam distallation
Origin India
Colour yellowish green to dark orange
Aroma Floral, typical of rose flower
Extracted from Flower