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Osmanthus Essential Oil


Osmanthus Essential Oil 

We worked with expert distillers to capture the essence of osmanthus and now bring that to you in the form of pure osmanthus essential oil at wholesale price. We have carefully captured the delicate aroma of the blossoming flowers of osmanthus, that is native to China. This luxurious essential oil is all set to transcend you to a land of enchantment. It is extracted through the process of steam distillation and the resulting oil is yellowish to golden brown in colour. It is a luxurious oil and comparatively more expensive than other essential oils. 


What does osmanthus essential oil smell like?

Osmanthus essential oil has a floral and fruity along with a woody notes aroma. It smells like a bunch of exotic flowers all bunched up in spring. Think apricots, maybe? That's what this oil smells like. Floral, yet fruity, earthy yet sweet, it's a perfect aroma to experience the olfactory delights that mother nature has to offer. 


Blends Well With

Osmanthus essential oil blends well with other floral oils like geranium, rose, lavender and even oils like bergamot


History and Cultivation of Osmanthus

The flowering plant of osmanthus has been first considered to be cultivated in China and later in other Southeast Asian regions including Japan and Korea. The botanical name of the plant is Osmanthus Fragrans Lour. Do you know how did it get its common name? The name is derived from a Greek word where it literally means the flowering plant. 

It has been historically celebrated in Chinese region and you can find its mention in Chinese art, poetry and even various ceremonies. Have you personally witnessed any? 

The cultivation of Osmanthus involves careful nurturing and patience. The plant is evergreen and typically grows as a shrub or small tree, reaching heights of up to 30 feet (9 meters). It flourishes in well-drained soil and thrives in temperate and subtropical climates. Osmanthus is celebrated for its ability to withstand different environmental conditions, making it adaptable and resilient. 


Extraction Process: Understanding how osmanthus essential oil is made

To put it simply, osmanthus essential oil is extracted from the flowering parts of the cherished plant. We carefully select only the best plants to extract the oil from. Once the required number of flowers are collected, they are then put in distilleries where the experts monitor that every drop of the aromatic compound within the flowers are extracted and stored in environment-friendly containers. 


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Key Constituents

Following are the key naturally occurring constituents of osmanthus oil. Though, it is important to note that their presence and percentage greatly varies and let's not forget that various factors play a key role and determining these variations. 

1. Esters like Methyl benzoate, ethyl benzoate, and benzyl acetate: They are responsible for the sweet smell of the oil. 

2. Monoterpenes like α-Pinene, β-pinene, limonene, and linalool. They are responsible for the antibacterial nature and also give the oil its cleansing properties. 

3. Ketones like camphor and methyl cinnamate are what gives the oil a more complex aroma that is sweet yet woody at the same time. 


Osmanthus Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

The list of benefits that osmanthus essential oil possess is quite a long one but we have put together the key points to understand while exploring the benefits of this exemplary oil. 

1. Aromatherapy benefits

The delicate aroma of osmanthus oil has great effects on the human mood. It is capable of eradicating feelings of stress and anxiety. Feeling exhausted and like nothing is going your way? Well, that's how I was feeling when I sat down to write this. I had zero motivation to begin. I diffused a few drops of osmanthus oil and sat down by the window and sipped some tea. The magical aroma of osmanthus essential oil instantly uplifted my mood and instilled a sense of emotional well-being. You don't see an entire culture celebrating an aroma for nothing. 

2. Natural aphrodisiac

Some people also consider osmanthus essential oil to be a natural aphrodisiac. The floral and sensual aroma is perfect for stirring up some romance and creating a deep connection. This is perfect for date night or for reconnecting with your lover. 

3. Skincare benefits

Looking for a skincare ingredient that is loaded with antioxidants? Osmanthus oil wholesale is your answer. Yes, this cherished oil is not just popular for its aroma but also for the numerous skin benefits it holds. The vast no. of antioxidants help in fight free radicals (guess you already know that by now) and reduce signs of ageing. 

4. Osmanthus Oil in Pharmaceutical

The chemical composition of osmanthus oil wholesale has made it quite popular in the pharmaceutical industry as well. It has anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. You would be shocked to know that it is even used in cough syrups and other respiratory ailment relief products. Yes, it has properties that help ease congestion and makes you breathe better. 

5. Osmanthus Oil for Perfumery

This is one of the most prominent applications of osmanthus oil. The delicate and exhilarating aroma has made it a sought-after oil for natural perfumery. It is rare, exotic and quite luxurious and hence is used in expensive perfumes. 


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Product Details

Product Name Osmanthus Essential Oil 
Botanical Name Osmanthus Fragrans Lour
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Origin China
Colour yellowish to golden brown
Aroma Rich, woody aroma
Extracted from