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Parsley Essential Oil


What is Parsley Essential Oil?

Garden parsley, or parsley, is a native Mediterranean plant with an herbaceous aroma. It is grown widely in Yugoslavia, Greece, and Morocco, belonging to the Apiaceae family. It is a deceptive flowering plant, also known as Petroselinum Crispum. It is a green biennial plant grown in temperate climates. They grow as a herb naturally without fertilizers.

Parsley is derived from the old French word Peresil. You can use it in Tea, Bath oil, pain sprays, diffusers, soap, cosmetics, skincare, pain relievers, etc. It has a light greenish appearance with a thin consistency. It blends with Ylang-Ylang, Clary Sage, Orange, Rose, and Tea trees. The steam distillation process is used for extracting this oil.


Extraction of Parsley Essential Oil

The extraction of parsley Essential Oil depends on the maturity of the part of the tree and its aroma. This oil is used for multi-purposes, and parsley is extracted by Steam distillation.


Steam distillation

The leaves of the parsley are used for the extraction of oil. The leaves are selected and collected at a particular time. They are washed to clear the mud or any impurities. It is kept for certain days to get dried. Then setting the distillation apparatus should be done carefully. Now we can place the harvested and washed leaves in the vat and close it. After heating at a certain level of temperature, the stream passes through the vat, and the oil needs to be cooled and condensed. The floating layer is the essential oil. It is filtered and stored in a container.


Contemporary Uses of Parsley Essential Oil

The medicinal plant parsley has several health and magic purposes that benefit humans. Greeks and Romans used it for Kidney disorders and bladder infections. They used it mainly as a pain reliever. They usually blend it with carrier oils for Ayurvedic massage treatments. It cures indigestion and is added as an additive in perfumes.

It has been used for culinary purposes. It acts as an anti-inflammation, anti-rheumatic, antimicrobial, and antiseptic agent. It also has carminative, febrifuge, detoxification, and astringent agents, helping purify and regulate the body. It helps neutralize clear skin and hair nourishment.


Component breakdown of Parsley Essential Oil


It produces a herbal fragrance through its fresh aroma.


It is similar to apiol and responsible for odor.


It is presented in smaller quantities and has the spicy aroma that is equally presented in clove and cinnamon oil.


The presence of monoterpene alpha pinene and beta pinene has a pine-like fresh and earthy aroma.


It is commonly found in citrus and other oils. It is responsible for the citrus scent and the aroma.


It is responsible for the aromatic profile.


It is the floral-scented terpene which is responsible for the whole fragrance.


Benefits of parsley Essential Oil

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Parsley essential oil in Aromatherapy detoxifies your body and improves sleep. They are used as the best treatment for many physical and mental illnesses. The scent of this oil makes us active and gives clarity on certain things. It also recharges your body and mind. It also supports digestive and respiratory functionalities.



Parsley essential oil can be used as a soap base. While making soap with this oil, you should not add any potent chemicals; it might react adversely on the spot. You can use this soap on your body on a daily basis. If you have any skin infection or irritation, you can discontinue it if you have any discomfort. You can add fragrance to the soap according to your senses. You can also blend it with other essential oil for soap making.



Using parsley essential oil in your skincare routine helps to prevent skin-related issues. Using it reduces pot and maintains your skin. We should not use this oil directly on our skin; dilution is a must before applying it to the skin. The antibacterial properties help eliminate bacteria and diminish scars, blemishes, and spots.



Parsley essential oil can be used for hair care and should not be used directly on your scalp; you can dilute it with other carrier oils. Add little drops of this oil to your shampoo for healthier hair growth. Really your hair will give you the real scent of this oil. It reduces dandruff step by step and strengthens your scalp and hair density. You can even use it as a serum after your hair wash.



It is also used in making tea. You can use raw parsley or some drops of parsley oil for making tea. Ingesting this oil in this way has more benefits. It cures internal uses. It makes your body free from toxins.


Perfumes and Air sprays

You can use Parsley Essential Oil as an additive in your perfumes. It makes you refresh the whole day through its mind-driving scent. You can even prepare sprays in your home by mixing a few drops of essential oil in less potent sprays, perfumes, or air fresheners, or else you can mix it with warm water and let it cool, and transfer it into any spray bottles. Use this spray twice a day to enjoy the refreshing scent on you, your workplace, home, etc.



You can use Incense made with Parsley oil for exotic benefits. This scent makes you and your home refreshing. The scent really soothes our minds. You can use this Incense even for your religious ceremonies. It gives two benefits at one time, i.e., its scent makes us active, and it cures body-related issues such as asthma, cough, cold, etc., through inhaling it.



Burning candles made with paraffin wax may result in cancer. Paraffin wax has the ability to carry carcinogens while it is burning. Using candles made with parsley oil or making candles made with this helps in making us active.


Other benefits

It has rich antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It fights fungi, viruses, and bacteria and eliminates them, and provides us with better health. It also gives menstrual support by regulating periods, controlling excess flow, stopping clots, etc. It also cures kidney and digestion-related issues.


Medicinal Properties of Parsley Essential Oil

It has the effects of balancing hormones and controlling excessive hormonal secretion. The antioxidant property neutralizes the body and controls aging. The antimicrobial property fights fungi, viruses, and bacteria. The anti-inflammatory property helps in reducing arthritis, joint, and muscle aches. The anticancer property reduces the effects of cancer and diminishes it.


Product Details

Product Name Parsley Essential Oil
Botanical Name Petroselinum sativum
Extraction Method Steam Distilled
Origin India
Color Pale yellow to green
Aroma Typical of parsley, herbaceous
Extracted from Leaves



It should not be applied on bare skin without dilution or blending with other oils. Children below the age of eight should not ingest. Only adults can ingest it after a proper consultation with doctors and physicians. Diabetic patients can also consult a doctor before ingesting. Store it in a cool and dry place.


Parsley Essential Oil for Pets

Parsley oils are made with high potential, so it is good to consult a veteran before using them on pets. There are few websites over the internet that suggest it for pets, and others suggest not to use them. So to avoid misleading, you can consult them. The usage of this oil might differ from the physiology of each breed and each animal.



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