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Rosewood essential oil


Rosewood Essential Oil: The Definitive Guide

This is a definitive guide to understand Rosewood Essential Oil. 

I am going to highlight:

  • Overview of Rosewood Essential Oil
  • Benefits and Uses
  • Aroma details
  • Blending instructions
  • Best suppliers and manufacturer details

So let's begin! 



Rosewood essential oil is the steam distilled extract of the wood, saw dust and chipping of Aniba amazonica. It is often also known as bois de rose essential oil. It is a pale yellow to yellow coloured liquid that is highly prestigious for its subtle yet exotic aroma. 

The source tree is an evergreen one which grows upto 120 feet high and has thick feathery leaves but unfortunately is has become quite rare now. 

Did you know that it belongs to Lauraceae family too? 


Key Constituents

The main constituents or naturally occurring components of essential oil of rosewood are:

  1. Linalool
  2. α-Terpineol
  3. Geraniol
  4. Limonene
  5. Benzyl Benzoate


rosewood essential oil key components



Rosewood essential oil smells like walking in a luxurious European palace. The aroma is primarily woody but if you smell it deeply, you will experience some floral and sweet notes too. 

Even I was surprised the first time I experienced this rare and luxurious essential oil. 

All these notes weave together a beautiful symphony of calm and serendipity.


Rosewood Oil Blends Well With

To everyone's surprise, this is quite a versatile oil that blends with other pure essential oils like Cardamom, Jasmine, Marjoram, Neroli, Ho wood, Rose Absolute, Galbanum and even Frankincense


Rosewood Essential Oil Benefits (For Wholesale Purpose)

Wholesale Rosewood Essential Oil has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Following is an exhuastive list of its therapeutic properties:

Now let me explain these properties and their effects in detail. 


Skincare Benefits

Looking for a luxurious moisturizing oil? Then your search ends here. 

Rosewood Oil is a highly prized ingredient in the skin care domain and has a long list of benefits for skin. Regular usage is believed to improve the complexion and add a lovely glow. 

It hydrates the skin from within and hence is used in so many cosmetic formulations.


Aromatherapy Benefits

From enhancing mood to calming the nervous system, our dear rosewood essential oil does it all. 

It soothes the mind and helps cope with negative emotions. Kiss goodbye to depressing and anxious thoughts with the healing powers of pure rosewood oil. 

Create healing and calming diffuser blends and experience the magic yourself. 


Rosewood Oil For Insect Bites

Didn't see this one coming, right?

Neither did I! But a lot of certified aromtherapists talk about its powers to heal insect bites and calm the tingling sensation. It should be applied diluted and proper instructions of the recipe that you are referring too should be followed. 

We strictly prohibit applying it neat to insect bites as it is a very potent plant extract and might end up doing more harm than good. 


rosewood essential oil benefits and uses for wholesale purpose



Rosewood Essential Oil Uses

It is quite a versatile and usable product. Whether you are into cosmetic or skin care manufacturing, perfumery or just a diy enthusiast, this unique oil will come in handy. 

You can refer to the following list for a more detailed list of uses for bois de rose essential oil. 

  • Soap Making
  • Candle Making
  • Diffuser Blends
  • Burners
  • Skincare formulatiuons for bath bombs, lotions, scrubs, moisturizers etc
  • Natural Perfumery and commercial perfume manufacturing
  • Spa and massages (it makes for a fantastic massage blend)
  • Natural insect bite ointment formulation and pharma products


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Product Details 

Product Name Rosewood Essential Oil
Botanical Name Aniba amazonica
Extraction Method Steam distallation
Origin Canada
Colour pale yellow 
Aroma Woody with floral undertones 
Extracted from Wood


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is rosewood essential oil good for?

It is good for a variety of skin conditions like acne and dryness. It calms the nervous system down and hence is a great option for aromatherapy. It is even used to formulate natural insect bite oil and ointments. Overall it is a versatile product and a wonderful addition to the aromatherapy kit. 


What is a good substitute for rosewood essential oil?

Ho wood and sandalwood are both good substitutes for it. They have a similar woody aroma but are more easily available at a lesser cost. 


What is the smell of rosewood essential oil?

The smell or aroma of rosewood essential oil is mostly woody but with some sweet and floral undertones. 


Is rosewood essential oil endangered?

Yes, due to excessive exploitation of the tree and its output, it has now become an endangered oil. That is why we recommend sourcing it from a reliable wholesaler who support ethical practices. We just have one planet and we just can't afford to damage it.