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Sweet basil essential oil


Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Get ready to witness the unparalleled aroma of sweet basil essential oil. Our natural and 100% pure basil sweet oil wholesale is steam distilled from the leaves of the Ocimum Basilicum plant grown in Italy. 

While there are a lot of varieties of basils out there, the sweet one that comes from Italy is one of the most popular ones. 

 If you enjoy Italian food (I mean, who doesn't), you're definitely going to love the aroma of this new addition to our essential oil collection. 

This aromatic wonder is bound to take you on a journey of wellness and is a must-have in any aromatherapy kit. 

You would all know it as that pretty leaf that sits on Italian food  (No, I wasn't referring to the chef when used pretty, or did I? ), it is full of flavors and therapeutic compounds. That is the reason why it is such a popular ingredient in the aromatherapy world. 

While there are various types of basils available, they all serve different purposes and so do the essential oils derived from them. 


History and Cultivation of Sweet Basil Oil

Let’s travel back in time and uncover the historical significance of sweet basil oil. It would not be wrong to say that it is first considered to be cultivated in India where it was worshipped for its plethora of benefits. Indians believed in the medicinal and healing properties of basil so much so that they considered it to be a gift of lord Vishnu for (wo)mankind.

The cultivation from there spread to faraway countries like the Roman and Greek empires where they recognized it not just for its therapeutic benefits but for its power to add an extravagant layer of flavor to food. And voila, there was the famous pesto sauce.

This oil is extracted from the leaves cultivated in India and Italy. Ocimum Basilicum plant mostly grows out in the sun and the seeds usually germinate within 5-8 days, giving rise to beautiful seedlings.



Sweet basil essential oil smells very typical of the basil herb. The scent is woody, balsamic, and herbaceous. It is fresh and warm at the same time and is perfect to remind you of a food spree in Italy.


Sweet Basil Oil Blends Well With

Sweet basil oil blends well with other bulk essential oils like lemon, bergamot, clary sage, geranium, yarrow etc. While creating a blend, do keep in mind to dilute it with a good quality carrier oil. 


sweet basil essential oil benefits and uses for wholesale purpose 


Sweet Basil Essential Oil Benefits: For Wholesale Purpose

Calling all pesto lovers to come to discover the various benefits of sweet basil essential oil and explore what magic it can do beyond garnishing. When we talk about basil, it is loaded with vitamin A, calcium, and potential and some of it might get extracted in the oil as well. 

Some significant benefits include:


Aromatherapy benefits

If you want to go on a vacation but for whatever reason are unable to do so then bring this bottle of basil sweet essential oil full of pure aromatic magic. It is great for melting all your stress away and making you feel fresh with positivity and energy.

Packed with the freshness of most premium basil leaves, the pure essential oil of sweet basil brings tranquillity to the environment making it a favorite of various professional aromatherapists.

To use it for aromatherapy, simply add a few drops to the diffuser or add the same to a bath. Both will help you make the most of its stress-relieving properties. 


Helps breathe better

Natural and steam-distilled sweet basil oil acts as a great support for our respiratory system.

It even has expectorant properties that help relieve symptoms of cold and cough. Diffuse it, especially during flu season, and help your respiratory system to be at ease.


Basil Oil Benefits For Skin

It is loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties which make it an excellent choice of oil to fight germ buildup on skin. Some preliminary studies talk about sweet basil essential oil’s effectiveness in treating acne, blemishes, and spots.

The result is clear skin and a great complexion. All these points collectively make it a great addition to skincare routines and products.


Sweet Basil Essential Oil Benefits For Haircare

Did you think that the list got done with skincare benefits?

Nope, there's even more to this oil. 

Sweet basil essential oil is used to create a lot of shampoos and other haircare products because it reduces germ buildup on the scalp and makes the hair soft and silky. 

You can even use it to create your own basil hair oil blend and share your thoughts on it. Ocimum Basilicum is an excellent addition to haircare routines because it has anti-bacterial properties. 

That is vital for preventing the scalp from being irritated due to dirt buildup. A clean and healthy scalp will keep all your haircare woes away. 

A study done in 2004 by Lara (Omolara) Olajumoke Orafidiya talks about the effectiveness of sweet basil oil in reducing cyclophosphamide-induced hair loss.


Natural Insect Repellent

The naturally occurring compounds in this oil are capable of eliminating nasty insects. 

Use only high-quality and pure basil sweet oil to create a natural insect repellent that can be an effective remedy for mosquitoes and fleas. 


Pain Relief

There is a naturally occurring component called eugenol. It gives this oil analgesic properties which help relieve muscular pain. 

Create a blend using the essential oil of sweet basil with a good wholesale carrier oil and massage it on the affected area. You will experience the relief yourself. 

Do consult a doctor if the pain continues. 


Improves Mental Clarity

Inhaling the aroma of sweet basil is considered to improve mental clarity and bring focus to whatever task you are doing. 

This is a great essential oil to diffuse during study or work time. 

Have you already been using sweet basil essential oil for mental clarity?

Share you experience with us.


Sweet Basil Essential Oil Uses 

At Aromachology Oils, our purpose is to provide the best quality products so that you can make the most of nature's healing properties. No matter what you use this sweet basil essential oil for, you will be getting the best results. 


Soap Making

Use our wholesale sweet basil oil for soap making. The crafted soaps will not only smell fresh but will also help with skin care issues like acne and blemishes. 

If you feel using pure essential oils turns outs to be very expensive then you can also try soap making fragrance oils. This is a good alternative to get a similar fragrance at a comparatively lower cost. 

Along with soaps, it can also be used to make other skincare products like face wash, toners, cleansers, body wash etc.


Massage Oil 

The herbaceous aroma and pain-relieving properties make it a great choice to make massage oils for spas. Basil herb oil will leave your body relaxed and mind fresh. 


Diffuser Blend

Use it in any kind of diffuser as it is or create a blend with other essential oil and experience the aromatherapy wonders of this Italian herb. 

It is important to check with your vet before you diffuse it around pets. 



Pure Sweet Basil Essential Oil Wholesaler & Manufacturer USA, Australia, Canada

Buying the best sweet basil essential oil in bulk is important to harness the therapeutic properties of the product. That doesn't mean you need to spend a lot of money on it. 

It just simply means you need to find the right wholesaler, or manufacturer in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France etc. 

Aromachology is a trusted online store to buy sweet basil oil in bulk at wholesale prices. Our team carefully procures only the finest natural and organic basil oil at the right price. 

This oil is ethically sourced and is cruelty-free. Our extensive quality assurance practice ensures you get the best quality each time you shop with us. 

Whether you are looking for premium essential oils or wholesale absolute oils, our online wholesale apothecary store should be your no. one choice for all things aromatherapy. 


Key Components:

Linalool: Relaxing

Methyl chavicol: Anti-bacterial

Eugenol: Makes the aroma more favourful and is anti-inflammatory

Methyl cinnamate: Adds sweetness to the aroma and is full of antioxidants.



Sweet basil essential oil constituents


Wholesale Sweet Basil Oil Details 

Product Name Sweet Basil Essential Oil
Botanical Name Ocimum Basilicum
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Origin Italy
Colour colourless to pale yellow 
Aroma Woody and balsamic
Extracted from Leaves


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is sweet basil essential oil used for?

Sweet basil essential oil is used for aromatherapy, soap and candle making, reducing acne and blemishes, controlling germ buildup on scalp and for respiratory support. 


Is there a difference between basil and sweet basil essential oil?

Yes, basil oil is extracted from Tulsi plant that is native to India, whereas sweet basil oil is extracted from the flavouring herb that grows in Italy. While the two variations come from the same plant family, they are different in terms of their flavour, aroma and some constituents. 


Is Basil essential oil safe for skin?

Yes, it is beneficial for skin as it helps reduce acne but it should be diluted with a carrier oil before applying on skin.