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Clary Sage Essential Oil


Clary Sage Essential Oil 

Aromachology, a leading essential oil bulk supplier, brings to you the most premium quality clary sage essential oil. Clary Sage Essential Oil can be used to treat a variety of different ailments due to its calming and relaxing qualities. It has been known to decrease anxiety, stress, pain, tension and insomnia while relieving symptoms of depression. This oil is incredibly versatile and can benefit various areas of the body including the digestive, reproductive, nervous, and respiratory systems as well as offer relief from many issues such as constipation, inflammation or PMS. 

For b2b companies looking to incorporate natural ingredients into their cosmetics/products line-up or professional aromatherapists who want an option with multifaceted uses that isn’t too overpowering – Clary Sage Oil should be strongly considered due to its wide array of benefits.


Clary Sage Essential Oil is an effective and powerful essential oil used for both health and wellness. Its components include a combination of sclareol, linalyl acetate, and germacrene-D which not only make it highly therapeutic, but also grant it its diverse applications. 


Clary Sage essential oil spiritual benefits

While this oil is quite popular for its aromatherapy benefits, in recent years, its spiritual benefits have also started grabbing people's attention. Many users have found clary sage to be immensely beneficial for their spiritual well-being.

This unique essential oil helps to open your eyes both metaphorically and literally, allowing you to release mental blocks and see life with an expanded perspective.

It helps us gain knowledge and revelation, while simultaneously grounding us in the present moment through its calming effect.

Moreover, clary sage can also give courage and help its user grow in spaces where they once felt stuck or stagnant.

Overall, clary sage essential oil is a powerful remedy that can provide many spiritual benefits depending on how it is used.


What is clary sage essential oil good for?

The pleasant scent also makes it particularly useful in aromatherapy sessions or as an addition to massage oils.


Clary Sage Oil for Soap Making

 In terms of skin care products such as soap-making projects or DIY cosmetics blends, Clary Sage Essential Oil proves very useful in creating a natural skin toner that will minimize wrinkles and reduce puffiness around the eyes. Not only does this oil have constituents that lend themselves towards cosmetic brands' product production needs but offers a range of antibacterial properties for antibacterial soaps for ‘tough on bacteria’ scenarios.

However if you don't want to use pure oil and are looking for a less expensive substitute of fragrance oils for candles then you can check out our collection of soap fragrance oils. 

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Product Details

Botanical Name Salvia Sclarea
Origin France
Extraction Process Steam Distillation
Colour & Consistency Light yellow and thin
Aroma Warm, woody with some fruity notes
Plant Part Used Leaves and flowers, sometimes even buds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the smell of clary sage do?

The smell of clary sage oil has relaxing and calming properties. With positive effects on overall wellbeing, it is capable of reducing headaches and has interestingly shown positive results in reducing symptoms of stress. 

When should you not use clary sage oil?

Pregnant and lactating women should not use clary sage oil. It should also be kept away from very young children. Essential oils are potent plant extracts and they should be used under the guidance of a professional.