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Lotus Essential Oil


Lotus Essential Oil: Benefits, Blends & Uses

Lotus is a sacred plant that has been cultivated primarily in India, China & Japan for the last 3000 years. Coming from the flower petals of Nelumbo nucifera plant, lotus essential oil is known for its aroma and therapeutic benefits. Feel free to use it in diffusers or make skincare products. 

lotus essential oil details

Steam distilling can sometimes cause the delicate aroma to burn, hence the distillers need to ensure great care or else use CO2 or solvent extraction. 

The genus of the mother plant is nelumbo which has two species. The first one is N. nucifera or commonly known as sacred lotus or pink lotus. The second one is N. lutea which is popular by the name American lotus or yellow lotus. 

There is a third type of lotus that you might have seen or heard of, namely blue lotus. This one is native to Egypt and belong to water lily family. 


Lotus Essential Oil Profile & Botanical Details

Oil Type: 100% Pure 

Botanical NameNelumbo nucifera

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation | Solvent Extraction

Country Of Origin: India

Plant Part Used For Extraction: Flower petals

Plant Family: Nelumbonaceae (Nymphaeaceae)

Synonyms: N. komarovii, N. nucifera var, Indian lotus, padma, kamal, pink lotus

Aroma and Scent: It smells like finding yourself in the chaos of the world. The aroma is sweet yet floral. You can also smell some faint spicy undertones. 

Perfumery Note: Middle or heart note

Blends Well With

blends well with

Color and Consistency: Yellowish orange to red

Key Components:


Lotus Essential Oil Benefits

Medicinal Benefits

Lotus has been historically considered to have a wide range of medicinal benefits. The traces of same are found the most in Asian culture. These benefits did not cease to exist with history rather they grew and got adapted in modern day medicine also. 

Various parts of the flower are believed to help with conditions like diarrhea, cholera, liver conditions, bronchitis, snake bites and scorpion stings. 

Soothing & Cooling 

Nelumbo nucifera essential oil is also considered to have cooling properties and is perfect for feeling relaxed after a long sunny day. 

Natural Aphrodisiac

Looking for that perfect fragrance to spice things up? Sacred lotus oil could be of some help. 

You see, a lot of cultures believe it to be a natural aphrodisiac. You can try for it yourself and see how it evolves intimacy and sensual wellbeing. 

Spiritual Benefits

Talking about sacred lotus oil, we can not over look the spiritual benefits of it.

Attracts prosperity: It represents prosperity and wealth. Did you know that Asian cultures offer lotus flowers to deities when worshiping for fortune? 

Represents rebirth: It induces a sense of calm, purity and is often associated with achieving enlightenment. I would recommend using it during your meditation and spiritual practice to connect to your inner self. 

Helps achieve awakening: It will calm you down to the extent that the positive aura will help you achieve inner awakening. 

Skincare Benefits

Use it to acheive younger and more radiant skin. The natural antioxidants in lotus essential oil help fight free radicals. Dilute and use it to fight fine lines and premature signs of ageing. 

Pain Relief

Massaging topically a diluted blend of lotus flower oil can help you with various pains, especially those caused due to menstruation. 

Promotes Hair Growth

Troubled with consistent hair fall? Try mixing a few drops of this pure and natural essential oil in your oil, shampoo, or conditioner and observe its hair care properties.


Watch this video: The Most Powerful, Spiritual & Healing Essential Oil in the World [Lotus Essential Oil] (12 min 26 secs)



Lotus Essential Oil Uses (For Wholesale And Bulk)

  • Aromatherapy blends
  • Meditation and grounding
  • Massage and spa
  • Candle making
  • Soap making
  • Diffuser oil
  • Skin care and cosmetics
  • Hair care products
  • Body care products like bath oils, shower gels, etc
  • Perfume making
  • Gift sets
  • Reselling
  • Spas



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What is lotus essential oil good for?

Lotus essential oil is good for aromatherapy, spiritual awakening, skin care, hair care, perfume making, meditation, and cooling.