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Costus Absolute


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Costus Absolute Oil 

After a lot of extensive searching, we have added Costus absolute oil to our collection of pure floral absolute oils. 

It is an (in most cases) yellow-colored liquid that is extracted from the roots of Saussurea costus. A highly prized ingredient in the perfume industry, it smells musky, woody, and somewhat similar to Sandalwood. After all, it is a root-based aroma. 

When you first smell it, you will be surprised to also experience some floral notes that add to the complexity of the aroma. 

Aromachology offers a very high quality costus absolute oil that is one of the best available out there at very competitive price. 

We are able to do so due to our strong supply chain and commitment to the finest quality. 

Whether you are searching for bulk costus pure floral absolute in wholesale price for crafting perfumes or for indulging in skincare, this exceptional oil is suitable for both. 


Costus Root Absolute Oil Wholesale Details


Botanical Name:

Saussurea costus



Costus is also known as spiral ginger and is cultivated in warm climates in shade or mild sunlight. They cannot survive under direct sun so they need to be protected. 

A slightly acidic to neutral soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0 is ideal. Ensure good drainage to prevent waterlogging, as overly wet conditions can lead to root rot.

Even though, the plant seems delicate, it is quite resilient to pests and diseases. 

Give it good water and a balance of shade and light and it will thrive perfectly. 

The roots of costus are used on maturity to extract costus absolute oil. 


Plant Family:




Base note



The scent of Costus floral absolute oil is musky, woody, deep, earthy, and surprisingly floral. It is captivating and complex at the same time. 

This aroma serves as a great option to channel your olfactory creativity and craft the fragrances of your dreams at wholesale price. 



Pale yellow to orangish brown





Blends well with:

 Broom, Boronia, Cocoa, Chamomille, Neroli,  RoseVetiver, Patchouli, Champaca, Calendula, Angelica


Usage instructions / Precautions:

All absolute oils are potent plant extracts; hence, diluting them before using them directly on skin is extremely critical. It is not recommended to take the product orally.

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