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Peru Balsam Essential Oil


What is Peru Balsam Essential Oil?

Peru balsam, also known as the balsam of Peru, is an endemic species native to Central and South America. It is derived from the Myroxylon Balsamum. They are grown largely in El Salvador. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae. Balsam is a plant solvent or a resin used for multi-purposes. It has a sweet, balsamic, earthy, and vanilla aroma.

It can blend well with black pepper, cardamom, Cedarwood, jasmine, lavender, orange, patchouli, peppermint, vetiver, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. Peru balsam oil is extracted using solvent extraction and a Steam distillation process. The quality of oil is high in this method of oil extraction. This tree is grown naturally without any fertilizers.


Extraction of Peru Balsam Essential Oil

The balsam is extracted from the tree of Peru balsam by using the solvent extraction and steam distillation process. The resin of Peru balsam is collected from the trunks and barks of the tree. The resins make a V Shape inclusion on the barks and denote it is purified and matured. The collected resins are placed in the vat for extraction.

Solvent extraction

In the solvent extraction process of extracting ethanol and hexane is added to extract the oil from its resin. The solvent can be left to evaporate or removed to extract. It is also one of the popular methods of extracting this oil.

Steam distillation

In this method, steam is passed through the vat and cooled to extract oil. No solvent or pressure is given to extract like other methods of extraction. This traditional method is the alternate method of extracting this oil.


Contemporary Uses of Peru Balsam Essential Oil

The Spanish traders collected the Peru balsam from Central and South America and shipped it to Callao in Peru. The name Peru was acquired because of the shipping in Peru. From the olden era till now, It had many medicinal attributes.

This Peru Balsam can be used in dishes, skincare, and hair care. Its medicinal properties help humans recover from deadly diseases and other health-related issues. It provides rich oxidants helping to build the immune system, strengthen bones, cure oral problems, etc.

Peru Balsam essential oil is used in food manufacturing companies to promote good health benefits through food. It is an edible oil with multiple benefits. The acids present in this oil help in good digestion and a night of better sleep.


Olden-era uses of Peru Balsam essential oil

  • It helps to strengthen the hair and scalp after applying and massaging it properly.
  • It lowers facial scars, acne and gives a glow.
  • It helps to build the immune system, strengthen bones, cure oral problems, etc.


Component Breakdown of Peru Balsam Essential Oil


Benzoic acid

This prime component has anti fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Cinnamic Acid

It has a balsamic aroma and rich microbial properties.

Benzyl Cinnamate

It is the natural ester used in perfumes that is responsible for providing a pleasant smell.


The flavoring agent used to have a vanilla-like aroma and sweet fragrance in this oil.

Coniferyl Cinnamate

It is an acid with rich effects of antioxidants. It can also be effectively used in therapies.


Benefits of Peru Balsam Essential Oil



You can make homemade soap using essential oil as its base and foundation. For the color, you can add color variants. Don't use any chemical variations for the base. The chemicals and essential oil are highly toxic to each other. Combined, it makes skin repairs resulting in acne, increased pores, blemishes, scars, dryness, and oil secretion.


Peru balsam oil can be used for your hair care routine. It has the properties of reducing dandruff and improving blood circulation in the scalp. It also clears the dust on the scalp. It increases the growth of hair. You can also use it for hair massage by mixing it with carrier oils.


The presence of antibacterial properties in the Peru balsam oil helps prevent Rashes, acne, dryness, itching, psoriasis, blemishes, dryness, and excessive oil secretion. It helps in healing wounds very fastly without any side effects.


Using Peru balsam oil in aromatherapy has exotic benefits for our bodies and mind. It reduces muscle soreness, joint pains, swelling, inflammation, cramps, and redness. It can be applied topically to experience a pain-free and relaxed body. It also reduces anxiety and stress, calms the nerves, and frees our minds from tension. We can use it to experience peaceful nature through its aroma and fragrance.

Incense and candles

This oil is used as a base in the mixture of incense and candles. In candles and incense, a few drops are added to deprive its scent of its essential benefits. We can also add some fragrance or color with less potent on it for an elegant look and bewildering benefits while inhaling. It is sure that it resolves respiratory issues.

Air sprays and perfumes

You can make this essential oil at home or through Aromachology Oils. Air sprays and room fresheners can be made by adding a few drops of Peru balsam essential oil in water, adding 10 ml of alcohol, adding other oil for fragrance, and using an Emulsifier to blend it with water. Mix it well to blend it. Finally, heat it at 100 degrees Celsius and let it cool, and change it into a spray container and use it twice a day for its exotic benefits.


Peru balsam essential oil diffusers directly reach the respiratory tract through inhaling. It has antibacterial properties, so it cures colds, coughs, and flu. It reduces congestion and helps in breathing effectively without any issues. Diffusers are nowadays widely sold in the market, so that you can add a few drops of this oil into use, or you can buy per balsam essential oil diffuser.

Medicinal benefits

Peru balsam essential oil has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties to eradicate body and mind-related issues. It can be applied to a normal skincare routine by diluting it with coconut oil or other carrier oils. It heals wounds and reduces long-lasting scars in a short period.


Product Details

Botanical Name Myroxylon Pereirae
Extraction Method Solvent Extraction
Origin USA
Color Light yellow to amber
Aroma Sweet, rich, somewhat like vanilla
Extracted from Gum Resin

Peru Balsam Essential Oil for Pets

You can consult a veteran before using it for pets. They will guide it in the doses according to its species or breed, age, health conditions, etc. They will provide a schedule for using it and its way of using it with benefits.


Dilution, patch tests, gynecologist consultation for nursing and pregnant ladies, and physician and dietitian consultation for medically lacking patients are the must things to do before using this oil.

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