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Blood Orange Essential Oil

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Blood Orange Essential Oil: Benefits, Blends, And Uses

Uplift your senses and feel energized with our 100% pure and natural blood orange essential oil. The sweet and refreshing aroma is perfect to diffuse in the mornings or whenever you are in need of a pick-me-up.

blood orange essential oil benefits, blends and uses

Haven't heard of blood orange oil before? Don't worry, I am going to explain everything about it and help you get the best of its aromatherapy benefits. 


What Is Blood Orange Essential Oil?

Blood orange essential oil comes from fruit peels of citrus cinesis plant. The intense color of the fruit makes it a unique variety of plant. It belongs to the Rutaceae plant family and the native is mostly unknown, though, you would find it growing mostly in Sicily, Italy, and Spain. 

If you try to differentiate it from the trees, you will hardly notice any difference. The trees are more or less similar to that of your regular orange trees. They are big, evergreen with fragrant flowers. 

From the outside the fruit also looks the same but the flesh has a deeper color. They get their intense color from a pigment called anthocyanins.

Why Pick Aromachology?

As a reputed supplier of high-grade oils, we source only the best blood oranges from Sicily and use their peel to extract blood orange essential oil. Our oil is 100% pure, undiluted and natural. Our team of experts make sure that the oil retains its therapeutic and healing properties in the extraction process. 

You will not find even the slightest traces of any chemicals, artificial aromas or synthetics in our oils. When you buy from Aromachology, you get a slightly orange colored liquid that has a strong aroma. Use it for aromatherapy, lotions, soap making or even for candle making. 


Blood Orange Essential Oil Benefits: Exploring The Constituents

Limonene: It is a natural compound that gives most fruits their citrusy nature. You will find it in grapefruits, lemons, oranges, bergamots, and even limes. In scientific language, it is called cyclic terpene. Simply put, limonene is the magic component behind the fresh, sweet, and citrusy aroma of so many oils. Even cleaning products use it for its excellent ability to de-grease. 

Myrcene: This is a type of monoterpene, which is a type of hydrocarbon compound found in various plants. It has an herbal aroma and is responsible for giving the oil a slightly spicy scent. Myrcene is loaded with health benefits and finds a lot of health applications, particularly due to its anti-inflammatory effects. You will also find it in mangoes and cloves. 

Linalool: It is classified in the monoterpene alcohol category. It will instantly capture your attention with a sweet, floral yet spicy scent. A staple in perfumery and aromatherapy, linalool is responsible for the scents of jasmine, rose, coriander and even basil.

Alpha-Pinene: Yet another kind of monoterpene, this one is responsible for a pine-like fragrance and you will mostly find it in pine trees. It acts as a natural insect repellent and even a flavoring agent. You will find its applications in a lot of industrial personal care products like fragrances, cleaners, and even as a flavoring agent. 

Beta Pinene: Just like alpha-pinene, it is a monoterpene too and has an earthy aroma. It is mostly renowned for its grounding properties in aromatherapy. You will also find some research where it is being studied for its bronchodilatory effects. 

Sabinene: Profoundly found in essential oils, sabinene gives oils like black pepper, carrot seed and basil their spicy aroma. You will find it to be beneficial in energizing and cleansing the environment. 

Terpinene: There are many varieties of terpinenes out there and they are primarily citrusy and earthy to smell. Some studies show that they have antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Blood Orange Essential Oil Uses: For Bulk Reasons

Aromachology now offers pure blood orange essential oil in bulk quantities at highly competitive prices. Get your hands on this premium quality oil and start using it for multiple applications. As a trusted manufacturer, Aromachology stocks and produces over four hundred and fifty varieties of oils and blood orange is the most exotic of them all. When you buy from us, you don't just buy an oil but a promise of utmost satisfaction at every step. 


Skincare is one of the most common uses of blood orange oil. It is loaded with vitamin C and other natural components that help lighten the skin and help with oily skin. It is used in lotions, creams, body washes and other related products. You can dilute and use it for various skin concerns. You can also add it to your cosmetics to get a sweet, refreshing, and energizing scent. Now that's a perfect recipe for a summer personal care range. 

Soap Making

If you prefer to use only natural ingredients in your soap making process, then blood orange can be a good scent for you. It is exotic and sweet at the same time and unlike fragrance oils, it will also add therapeutic benefits. Simply add 1 gram of blood orange essential oil to 100 grams of soap. You can adjust the ratio if you feel the strength is less or more. 

Cleaning And Personal Care Products

Blood orange acts as a great solvent and hence is used in cleaning supplies. The natural components I listed above give it antibacterial properties which makes it perfect to add to disinfectants. 

blends well with

Blends Well With

Blood orange blends well with a variety of essential oils like bergamot, neroli, rosewood, valerian, vetiver, ylang ylang, nutmeg, frankincense, and cypress



Blood orange essential oil has a wide variety of benefits and uses if bought from a reliable wholesale supplier like Aromachology oils. You can use it in humidifiers as well as reed diffusers but is blood orange essential oil safe for dogs? Dogs don't usually respond well to citrusy essential oils hence you should always check with a vet before diffusing it around your pets. 

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